Ask Mrs. Cake

You do not need to tell me that.. I already know..

Yet, I love you more for every time you do say it.. Thank you, Carrot. I love you too

Baby Cakes

As some of you may know, me and Mr. Cake got two beautiful little foals a month ago. Now, taking care of young fillies and colts require alot of dedication and responsability, so..

I will sadly not be able to visit tumblr anymore because I will not have the time! I hope you all understand!

Come visit Sugarcube Corner anytime if you want to say Hi to either me or the babies, though! A big thank you to everyone who made tumblr fun so far!

Good bye!

Cup Cake

(( In-character reason for leaving. Have a nice time! great episode, by the way ))

Announcement: Permanent Hiatus

Following Mr. Cake, I will also be leaving this blog…. Simply said, I’ve lost about all the interest trying to keep it a Written blog. If it’s not Drawn, then I don’t want it, and I don’t have time for a drawn blog as I’d much rather focus on my own things.

I don’t have much to say about this, except Thank you to all my followers! It has been lots of fun, and I may return to Ask Blogs one day, but I’ll possibly pick another character then.

Here’s some misc. info about me that I wrote for this blog before, but here you have them again as they have barely changed!

  • I’m an 19 year old guy born and living in Sweden. I study my first year at an art school.
  • I can be found on my own personal, newly started Tumblr, my deviantart and my Furaffinity. Hit me up if you wanna keep talking! I’d gladly speak to anyone, perhaps starting new e-friendships!
  • The things I draw in my free time are a Pokemon Nuzlocke comic and my World of Warcraft characters, developing and exploring them through art. I have drawn some ponies, but they were more of a side thing (until this blog)

And now for some pony facts, because why not?!

  • I started watching the show in November 2010. I guess I’m a “veteran”, although I’m not that heavily involved in the fandom.
  • I have introduced the show to quite a bit of people. Some got into it, some didn’t, but all respect me for liking it, therefore I don’t really need to hide the fact that I watch it to my family and friends!
  • I have pony shirts and some toys.
  • Rarity is my favourite pony
  • I always liked Mr and Mrs Cake in the show, but they wern’t anything super special until I decided to make an Ask Blog. I picked Mrs. Cake because I hadn’t seen one around before, and I wanted to claim that territory. Mrs. Cake has since become my favourite side pony, I’d say!
  • I drew the “Draw Fluttershy on the toilet, BUT WHY” drawing. Fun fact!

I’ll still log onto this account for a while longer, as I follow some blogs I wanna check up on a bit more. I will not answer any more questions in any way, though. (Unless they’re directed at me, but then you can send them to my own personal blog)

So yeah… If you feel to need to stick around with me, the mod, then hit me up on my other websites listed above. Thanks again for everything, and good bye!

Holy crap! Are you and Mr. Cake getting a divorce!?

Oh, no, no.. He is just stepping down from the ponynet. He will still be here at the shop, and we will be as married as we always was!

Good afternoon there Ms. Cake. How's the day been treating you?

Just great, thank you very much!


Do you remember more than a decade ago when an old unicorn in a wizard hat and cape came into your store, accompanied by a little unicorn colt? That colt wanted a cake for his birthday and could barely contain himself in your shop. The older unicorn was me and that was my grandson who was with me that day.

Oh…. Hmm, no. I cannot say I remember that, sorry!

Dozens and dozens of ponies come in every day, it is difficult to remember everyone!

hello ma'am


They're talking about some silly fictional story, Mrs. Cake. It's horror genre, like, hard-horror with gore and stuff, but it's pretty poorly written. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. You got any of those cookies I like? You know, the ones with the caramel and toasted coconut on 'em?

Oh.. Thank you for clearing that up, Rainbow. Who on Equestria would write something like that?!

But, yes. We do have them! Let me get you a batch!

Why are you so cute?

Oh, I don’t know~..

You flatter me, but thank you!

The one where Pinkie murders Rainbow Dash

What are you saying?! Pinkie would never do that!

You’re a looney!